Karatsell Speclux BS-SLDW07-RGB CD, RGB, 48 LEDs:Karatsell
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Speclux BS-SLDW07-RGB CD, RGB, 48 LEDs:Karatsell

Speclux Published in October 23, 2018, 11:51 am
 Speclux BS-SLDW07-RGB CD, RGB, 48 LEDs:Karatsell

Speclux BS-SLDW07-RGB CD, RGB, 48 LEDs:Karatsell

Price:£12.99+ Free shipping with Nativetribes Prime

Bhavik Reply to on 1 December 2017
Strip lights, in general, are amazing, but for cars this a next level. I really love this product, it comes with a car battery adapter port, so you can plug it into the car charging port, and then it just matter of pushing a button on a remote for it to start its magic. I really love how it looked, plus the ability to change into different colours and gradient types. The work great and looks great.
Loving this stip lights.
Mayra Reply to on 19 January 2018
I bought these to put inside the car but after trying them I found them to be way too bright to be in the car so I took it home and installed them behind the TV! looks amazing there.
I found the remote to be too flimsy as the top broke apart and i had to tape it together.
Nounou Reply to on 1 June 2018
Most of the UK's motorways if not all are always dark at night and that makes you fall asleep after awhile of driving, found out using this lights (specially blue) keeps you awake and alerted even with slow music, it looks so nice in the car from the inside and outside.
I only wish if two of the lights have longer wires and the USB cable was also 20 CM longer to be easier to fix.
Overall I love it.
Mike S.
Mike S. Reply to on 24 December 2017
After fiddling around with the infrared attachment I've finally got it working. Sometimes needs a fiddle to change the colour but got it working now
Kelrotsy Reply to on 2 February 2018
Delighted with this product.

- Easy to Setup, Plenty of color choices & brightness levels, powers off USB, flexible.
Amzons coustomer
Amzons coustomer Reply to on 11 May 2018
hmmm it is quite good the only reason I mark it with 4 stars is the sticky side of the led band is really useless
Oliver Gough
Oliver Gough Reply to on 26 January 2018
Absolutely brilliant! When I bought these I didn’t expect them to be this good because of the low price. But they are great, easy to fit and very affective. The lights are bright enough to have a cool affect but not too bright to affect driving. Don’t listen to the negative reviews, these are awesome!
rob rees
rob rees Reply to on 26 January 2018
Great product, easy to install, only bad point is the stick in the back is rubbish, I installed with cable ties it's easy
Jake Towns
Jake Towns Reply to on 6 January 2018
Great product, looks great in the car. I bought 2 one for me and one for my brother, mine is great and use all the time, unfortunately my brothers item has lost connection to one of the strips and this was before he installed it into his car...
longfellow Reply to on 27 December 2017
Good solid set of lights, bright and easily installed
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